Large clean-up operation in Halle

In September 2015, we launched our litter campaign with a large clean-up operation in Halle. About 200 employees walked along the streets and the canal, armed with litter bags and tongs. In a few hours, they’d collected 1,500 kg of litter. Philippe Dupont (project manager) and Jean-Marc Bruyère (copywriter) wanted to take part in this operation. They explain why.

Small deed, big result

Like many other employees, Philippe received an invitation by e-mail. He immediately decided that he was in. “I value this kind of activity. It shows the outside world that we really are doing something about the problem. And the more people who take part in the litter operation, the more attention we attract.” He adds that we can tackle litter every day. “Little things add up. If everyone picks up a can or a piece of paper every day, the street would be a lot cleaner. And that would make major operations superfluous.”

Employees during the clean-up activity in Halle
More than 200 employees collected 1,500 kg of litter near the central buildings in Halle in a few hours.

Awareness campaign

Jean-Marc also took part in the clean-up operation. And here’s why. “Litter is an underestimated problem. So I thought it was nice that Colruyt Group organised something like this.” And the result of the operation? “We found cigarette butts everywhere. And next to the canal we even found car tyres! It’s unbelievable what people throw away.” But more important was the attention that we attracted with the clean-up operation about the presence of litter everywhere. Jean-Marc continues, “The operation made people aware of the problem. And that’s a big deal.”

Employee during the clean-up activity in Halle
Jean-Marc thinks it’s particularly important that the clean-up operation makes people aware of the litter problem.

Every year we want to organise a similar clean-up operation with our employees. So together with the rest of the sector, we set up Retail Clean Up Days. For a whole week we’ll clean up the areas around some 400 Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet and Spar shops.

VIDEO: joining hands against street litter

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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