Say no to battery-farmed eggs

Mmm, there’s nothing more delicious than a soft-boiled egg for breakfast on Sunday morning. But are you sure where it’s come from? If you buy eggs in one of our shops, you don’t need to worry. We don’t sell any battery-farmed eggs, we only use cage-free and free-range hens. This also applies to the processed eggs in our own brand products.

No battery-farmed eggs

Since 2005, we haven’t sold any battery-farmed eggs in our Belgian shops. All our eggs come from cage-free or free-range hens. Our French Colruyt shops also only offer organic, cage-free and free-range eggs. This was a first for a major French retailer!

In 2005, together with an enthusiastic number of egg suppliers, we launched a more animal-friendly kind of egg farm: sheds with covered outdoor space. In good time, because since 2012, classic battery-farmed cage systems have been banned in the European Union.


free-range eggs
If you buy eggs from one of our own brands, you’re sure that they’re from cage-free or free-range hens.

Eggs in our own brand products

And what about the processed eggs in pastries, pasta or mayonnaise? In 2012, we promised only to use processed eggs from cage-free or free-range hens in our own brand products. It took us a little over a year. Relatively fast, because together with our suppliers, we tackled over 1,000 products.

In early 2013, we had kept our promise for 95% of our products. And we’re now pretty much at 100%. So you can be sure that there are no battery-farmed eggs in products like Boni Selection pasta or Econom mayonnaise.

Two golden eggs

In 2015, we won 4 prizes at the Good Animal Welfare Awards as a reward for our animal welfare efforts. We received 2 of them for our eggs. Our French Colruyt shops won a Golden Egg because they were the first French retailer not to sell any battery-farmed eggs. And as a group, we won a Good Egg Award because we only process eggs from cage-free or free-range hens in our own brand products.

Free-range chickens
In addition to loose egg sales, we’ve resolutely opted for cage-free eggs in all our own brand products.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production