The consumer of tomorrow will also be hungry

By 2050, the world population will eat 50% more food than today. It’s only logical, the more people there are on earth, the more food they’ll need. But bearing in mind climate change, dwindling water supplies and the scarcity of fertile agricultural land, etc., you realise that it's not going to be easy to feed over 9 billion people. The young people at Chiro in Buizingen thought about the food of the future with us.

Seaweed salad or quinoa cake?

On April 29th 2017, we invited the consumers of tomorrow to a special workshop in the framework of the unique ‘Wanted: Food for the Future’ project. The young boys and girls from Chiro in Buizingen brainstormed all day long about innovative and delicious products using quinoa, legumes or seaweed. They experimented in the kitchen and presented their most delicious creation to our employees. The best ideas? They’ll get the opportunity to be developed further. Who knows? In 2018 you may well find them on the shelves in our shops!

‘Wanted: Food for the Future’

What we’ll be eating in 50 years may not be exactly the same as what you ate last night. What will characterise the ‘food of the future’?

  • Sustainable: the product doesn't have a large ecological footprint.
  • Nutritious: the product has a high nutritional value and is healthy.
  • Economically feasible: the product is easy to grow on a large scale.
  • Relevant: the product has a (potentially) large sales market, also in Belgium.

Another important factor: the consumers of tomorrow, our children and young people, must think the ‘food of the future’ is delicious. Selling something they don't like doesn’t make much sense. The new food chains must therefore also appeal to them.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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