Colruyt Group IT

About Colruyt Group IT

From building applications to managing projects from start to finish, we have all IT jobs covered. With a team of some 2,000 IT professionals in Belgium, France and India, we pioneer new technologies and digital innovations. From blockchain and artificial intelligence to virtual reality, robotisation and the Internet of Things. For all our store formulas and supporting activities. We are ready for tomorrow.

What does Colruyt Group's IT department do?

  • Develop: we build a large part of our IT systems, applications and solutions ourselves. Tailor-made for our company.
  • Support: a project is not finished after delivery. We provide IT support during the usage phase, solutions for technical and functional problems, updates, improvements, etc.
  • Collaboration: for the solutions we don't develop ourselves, we work with the right business partners.
  • Integration: we excel at integrating purchased IT solutions with our existing business systems and data.
  • Inspiration: we want to be the first to know about new trends and technologies in the IT sector. We proactively scan the market, try out new things and build prototypes in our own lab.

IT for an agile organisation

IT is more prominent in retail than you think: the cash register systems in our stores, our webshops and apps, the electronic price labels, picking goods in the distribution centres, the transport planning, the machines in the production departments, etc. All this, and more, needs IT. Even the heating and cooling are connected to the network. It is therefore very important that all these IT processes continue to run efficiently to guarantee the continuity of our activities.

Colruyt Group's further success will largely depend on the agility of our organisation and how quickly we can respond to changes. IT, digital and data play a major role in this. By experimenting proactively and continuously focusing on innovation, we ensure that we can deal with future challenges quickly and flexibly.

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