Colruyt Group Technics vs heat waves

In recent years, we have been experiencing more and more heat waves in Belgium. How do we keep our refrigeration systems in top condition when temperatures rise above 30 degrees?

Smooth cooling: no easy feat

Although the Belgian weather tends to be grey and gloomy, the sun puts in serious overtime every now and then, with the mercury climbing up and all the associated consequences. With such high temperatures, cooling is far from simple: our installations suffer from high pressure for example, because they can't release their heat outside. Luckily, our colleagues in the stores can count on the experts of Colruyt Group Technics!

"After the exceptionally hot summer of 2019, we analysed the problems that we had faced during the heat wave. We gathered those findings and put our heads together to prepare for this summer," Peter Basteleus, head of the Techniques department, says. Optimising all cooling units to be able to cope with a new record summer: it was not a simple task. In order to deal with the large work volume during the summer months, we also examined our organisation. In all, our branch stores have over 1,600 cooling units. With a few exceptions, they all remained at a constant temperature: mission accomplished!

Additional electricity demand

In addition to the cooling units, we also examined the underlying electricity. We regularly experienced electrical panel failures in the past. Not surprisingly, when you look at the large electricity demand of a cooling unit at full capacity. This summer was scorching hot again, but the electricity didn't budge. So we rose to that challenge as well.

"We assume that temperature will rise enormously in the summers to come. However, I have complete confidence that we at Colruyt Group Technics have the necessary knowledge and expertise to leave our customers and colleagues out in the cold," Peter decides with a wink.

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