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Smart Technics

Smart Technics specialises in retail and supply chain solutions, with a strong focus on computer vision, robotics and machine engineering. Our team is dedicated to developing advanced solutions within Colruyt Group. We do this either in-house or in collaboration with industry players (co-creation) to create a large-scale impact. This results in more efficient processes, cost savings and the integration of new technologies. By working together internally and externally, we lead the way in operational innovation and maintain our lead in the industry.

Key areas of expertise

Computer Vision

At the forefront of Smart Technics, Computer Vision technology focuses on creating systems that can capture, comprehend and convert visual information into actions. This conversion occurs at both software and hardware level.
Using artificial intelligence, we develop solutions that can recognise objects, people and movements in images and videos. This technology is applied in projects in various areas ranging from retail to supply chain management. Our advanced algorithms and models offer essential insights that take project efficiency and automation to the next level, both within and outside the group. 


At Smart Technics, we focus on robotics as a fundamental pillar of innovation. Our robots are designed to work in harmony with humans, helping us to increase productivity and achieve new levels of safety and efficiency. They operate in diverse settings, from warehouse floors to stores as part of the retail experience. In this way, they change not only the way tasks are performed but also how we think about labour and our interaction with technology.

Machine Engineering

Machine Engineering is an essential part of our expertise. Our team specialises in designing and developing advanced machines that are vital for both the production, logistics and retail processes within Colruyt Group. We focus on creating tailor-made solutions that take efficiency, precision and reliability to the next level. These technologies play a key role in optimising operations - from production processes to supply chain management - while always striving for innovation and technological advances.

Some projects

We innovate with industrial automation on logistics sites. In Londerzeel and Liège, we are working with e.g. automations and robots.

Colruyt Group tests self-driving vehicle. We are looking at whether this technology can help us in the future.

Okay Direct, our automated 24/7 store, opened its first location in Ghent in November 2021. Meanwhile, three Okay Direct stores are up and running, and we are continuously improving the technology.

Strong partnerships

We believe strong partnerships are the key to producing breakthrough innovations. We want to build sustainable partnerships, both internally within Colruyt Group and with external partners, where we strive to create a shared vision of technological progress. We are open to partnerships with companies and organisations that share our passion for innovation. By joining forces, together we can reach new heights in computer vision, robotics and machine engineering. Are you interested in a partnership with Smart Technics? Contact us and let’s shape the future of technology together.

Our partners

Our team

Today, the Colruyt Group Smart Technics team has around 65 members of personnel and we are still growing! All of us share a great passion for innovation and have a wide variety of in-house expertise, for example, in AI, robotics, logistics engineering, software development, product recognition, digital twin technology and project management. We develop our knowledge at our own test facilities and work closely with our partners, suppliers and various knowledge institutes.

Smart Technics team

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