Smart Innovation

Smart Utilities

At Smart Utilities, we ensure that the focus remains on Colruyt Group’s sustainability objectives and we support these objectives by providing innovative solutions.

With new technologies and methods, Smart Utilities helps ensure that energy, water and materials are used in a way that is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and efficient.


In the energy transition, Smart Utilities aims to be a forerunner, with a focus on electrification, flexibility and optimisation. We are committed to greener transport and making optimal use of renewable energy sources. By choosing to use electricity - especially when renewable energy is abundantly available - we contribute to a more sustainable energy future. This approach reflects our commitment to an environmentally responsible use of energy and supports Colruyt Group’s sustainability goals.


At Smart Utilities, we lay the emphasis on advanced water management strategies that contribute to sustainability and efficiency. We implement innovative water treatment techniques to maximise the reuse and recycling of water within Colruyt Group. By using these approaches, we aim to minimise our water footprint and manage natural resources responsibly.


Within Smart Utilities as well, our focus lies on optimising the use of various materials, in line with circularity principles. By developing and applying new techniques, we increase opportunities for reusing and recycling materials. This approach helps Colruyt Group reduce its impact on the environment and contributes to a more circular and sustainable economy.

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