A year of discovery at Technics

Discovering the wondrous world of Technics for a complete year after your studies, with a permanent contract from day 1? You can, thanks to our traineeships!

Get to know Technics and yourself better

Safia Saoud was the first Construction trainee at Technics this past year. Holding a bachelor's degree in engineering-architecture and a master's degree in management, she entered the labour market last year. "After her studies, my older sister also did a traineeship and I immediately knew that was what I was looking for. You graduate, but you don't immediately know what you like in a job or which positions are your cup of tea. In such cases, a traineeship is perfect. Meanwhile, I know that sitting in the office all day is not for me, but neither is spending the whole day at the work site. A healthy mix between time at the office and at the work site works perfectly for me." As a trainee, not only do you find out which role construction and technics play at Colruyt Group, but you also get to know yourself better.

"I'm honoured I got to be the first Construction trainee at Technics. In September, when the traineeship finishes, I'm going to make a choice and hand in an experience report with recommendations, which I wrote this past year for the next trainees. It was quite exciting being the only one to start the traineeship. Fortunately, they provide excellent coaching here. You can literally turn to everyone if you have any questions. In construction, you constantly meet people with different backgrounds - project managers, project leaders, site managers, project engineers, designers, electricity coordinators, etc. - so you get to learn something from everyone.

Win-win situation

Bart Bosmans, head of training at Technics: "We started the Engineering Talent traineeship a few years ago, because during our visits to universities we sensed there was high demand for it. So we threatened to miss out on talent if we weren't going to set up something like this. Moreover, the trainees have a fresh look and new insights from school, creating - positive - fireworks!"

How do we stand out from other traineeships? Bart: "At our company, you are truly given responsibility. You don't just follow around a colleague during their working day, you actively work on projects and are responsible for them. In addition, you move around during this year. The world of technics at Colruyt Group is very diverse, and you get to discover this by helping out on a different department every two months."

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