Refresher courses for technology instructors

The evolution of technology continuously brings new challenges, also in education. Instructors face changing learning objectives that often require that they provide instruction in technologies with which they are not always fully familiar. In response to this, Colruyt Group Technics has taken the initiative to offer refresher courses to instructors and to give them the opportunity to practise in our technical workshops under the expert guidance of experienced coaches.

Wealth of technical expertise

With around 1,600 experienced technical professionals, Colruyt Group Technics has a wealth of technical expertise that we gladly share with instructors. The continuous evolution of technology makes it essential for instructors to stay abreast of the latest developments and continually update their knowledge. The workshop at our own technical training centre offers the perfect platform for instructors to strengthen their technical skills and learn new techniques that are relevant for today’s learning objectives.

The shortage of instructors also forces them to teach in subjects that may have previously been outside their expertise. These refresher courses help ensure that instructors are well prepared for changing education requirements.

Valuable advice based on practical examples

The training programme has a flexible design and combines theoretical knowledge with a practical approach. Every instructor is assigned practice-oriented exercises based on the relevant learning module. This gives them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and to familiarise themselves with specific topics. The coaches are experienced technicians who provide valuable advice and practical tips based on real-world experience.

Davy Vermassen, electromechanics instructor
It’s fantastic that a company offers this possibility.

Davy Vermassen, electromechanics instructor at Don Bosco in Halle, is one of the enthusiastic instructors who has taken advantage of this continuing education initiative. He emphasises its importance: “It’s fantastic that a company offers this possibility. With the new curriculum, it’s not always easy to stay up to date. Thank to the refresher courses, I am better prepared to teach the subject matter to my students.”

Next generation of technological professionals

With this initiative to offer refresher courses to instructors in the technological sector, we are stressing the importance of continuous growth and development, not only for students, but also for the instructors themselves. With a continuously changing technological landscape, it is essential that we continue to invest in knowledge and skills in order to continue to make a valuable contribution to the next generation of technological professionals.

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