Crownless pineapples

Colruyt Lowest Prices’ fresh food section now includes Boni crownless pineapples in addition to pineapples with a crown. Colruyt Group’s aim is to limit the impact of fresh pineapples on the environment. And equally important: the taste of a crownless pineapple is the same and the shelf life is longer.

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Published on 24/10/2023

Why is a crownless pineapple more sustainable?

Customers are used to buying pineapples with a crown. We still stock them but since September 2023 there has been an alternative: the crownless pineapple. Colruyt Group sells them at the Colruyt Lowest Prices stores to offer a more sustainable alternative to its customers. By removing the crown at the packaging centre in the country of origin, everyone in the chain benefits. From farmer to consumer.

More sustainable agriculture

The crown often ends up in the customer's organic waste pile. This is a missed opportunity because the crown can be reused to stimulate a more sustainable agriculture in the country of origin.

  • The crown can be used to replant crops.
  • The crown is also useful as fodder.
  • As mulch: organic material spread on the field gives back valuable nutrients and water to the soil.

More efficient transport

The crown makes up a great deal of a pineapple's volume. It’s not useful and transport is less efficient. By removing the crown, seven instead of five pineapples fit in a cardboard box, an increase of no less than 40%. More efficient transport also means fewer CO2 emissions of course.


more efficient transport


longer shelf life

Longer shelf life

The final advantage of crownless pineapples is for the customer. By removing the crown the pineapple loses up to 15% less moisture than a pineapple with a crown. This means the pineapple has a longer shelf life. And not unimportantly for the consumer: the taste of the crownless pineapple does not change.  

Crownless pineapples for sale at Colruyt Lowest Prices

Since September 2023, Boni crownless pineapples have been available in the fresh food section at Colruyt Lowest Prices.

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