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Retail Partners Colruyt Group nv (RPCG) unites all Colruyt Group activities related to independent stores. There are about 385 stores: more than half of them are Spar stores, the other are stores of Alvo, independent Mini Markets and autonomous customers.

Partner for independent entrepreneurs

With the name 'Retail Partners Colruyt Group nv' we emphasize the fact that we are a partner to our entrepreneurs. Uniting all activities under one name, we show that we are open to different forms of cooperation. Our mission: "Joining forces with our partners  to achieve sustainable growth and success through customer-oriented, professional and committed entrepreneurship!" This means Retail Partners Colruyt Group nv offers its entrepreneurs unique partnerships and wants to grow together.

We do what we say and we say what we (do not) do

Unique partnerships and cooperation forms

Spar makes deliveries but also offers complete support and a unique consultation model. The independent entrepreneurs help direct Spar's assortment and commercial focus.

Alvo is a purchasing group of independent food stores. RPCG supplies groceries and fresh products, but Alvo sets its own commercial course.

Mini Market is a front for small food stores that partly stock up at RPCG but fully determine their own commercial policy.





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386 stores (March 31, 2019)

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