Together, we already recycle 81% of our company waste

All our shop staff make every effort to sort waste better. They’re fully up to date with the tips they get from our major sorting campaign. And the great result is that we’ve already reached our goal of recycling 80% of our company waste. That wasn’t expected until the end of 2017. Now we have to maintain our pace and try for even less waste. We’re already providing more handy sorting tips.

Plastic, cardboard, residual waste … yep, separate

The largest contribution to our ever better recycling results comes from our shop staff. Thanks to the excellent 2016 information campaign for example, our Colruyt shop staff were able to separate fermentable waste from bread waste more efficiently. They managed to reduce residual waste by 700 tonnes. And they are continuing those efforts every day.


Separating waste in Colruyt shop
Even better sorting in Colruyt shops reduced residual waste by 700 tonnes in 2016.

A thorough second check on residual waste

The proportion of residual waste continues to drop thanks to the new sorting installations that we use in our return centres. Employees there sort residual waste from our shops, production and distribution centres, and office buildings thoroughly, and extract the recyclable materials such as plastic, hard plastic, cardboard, wood, metal and glass.


Second check on residual waste
There is another thorough check on all residual waste in the return centres.

Results exceeding expectations

Greater turnover in recent years means more waste. But we have managed to recycle an ever-increasing amount of this company waste. We sort more materials in the shops more efficiently (pmd, bread, fermentable waste) into separate waste streams that can be reused effectively. And so the volume of residual waste continues to fall.

In 2016, we achieved a recycling rate of over 80% (80.80%) for the first time. In concrete terms this means that 808 kg of every 1,000 kg of company waste will be recycled. With this, we’ve already exceeded our expectations for 2017.


80,80% recycling in 2016
With a recycling rate of 80.80%, we’ve already exceeded our expectations for 2017.

Carrying on and doing even better

These great results don’t mean that we’ll rest on our laurels. Every day, we’ll continue in our efforts to maintain and improve this good recycling rate. Our (new) employees constantly get tips to promote a conscious sorting mentality and we continue to look for new internal applications for recycling.

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