100% certified private label products in wood and paper

From refill pads and kitchen roll to rocking horses, the wooden and paper items of our private labels have an internationally recognised sustainability label. The products are made with respect for people and the environment, using raw materials from sustainably managed forests or recycled materials. 

Updated on 26/07/2023

Paper perfect

Through our Boni Selection, Everyday and Kangourou private label brands, we only sell paper products made from sustainable wood fibres. All our stationery, decorative items, hygiene products, etc. therefore have an FSC or PEFC sustainability label. In addition, our products with absorbent properties (such as kitchen paper or handkerchiefs) are sustainably bleached. Our Boni Eco products all have the Der Blaue Engel label.

All our refill pads are certified. All our refill pads are certified.

Sustainable wood species

All our private label products, which consist of at least 60% wood, are also made with raw materials from responsibly managed forests and/or recycled sources. The majority of these items therefore have a sustainability label (FSC or PEFC), whether they are made of solid wood or of composite materials such as MDF, chipboard and plywood.

In addition, we also choose sustainable types of wood without a specific label, such as rubber wood. It is extracted from old rubber trees that are cut down anyway to make way for new trees. We also consider twigs and driftwood to be sustainable, as no trees are felled for them.

Packaging with wooden toys from Dreamland All Dreamland wooden toys carry a sustainability label.

Labels on our products

Our paper and wood products have two internationally recognised labels for sustainable forest management: PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Both organisations actively promote environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable forest management. In doing so, they cooperate with forestry companies, the wood and paper industry, environmental and social organisations, scientists, etc.

Logo van PEFC, FSC en Der Blaue Engel

Boni Eco paper products carry the renowned German Der Blaue Engel-label for ecological products. This label indicates that no harmful substances such as chlorine are used in the production of paper. It also guarantees that the product consists of a certain percentage of recycled paper, for example 75% for printing paper and 100% for toilet paper.

What does sustainable forest management mean?

  • No illegal logging.
  • Respect for ecosystems and biodiversity, protecting the natural habitat of fauna and flora.
  • Respect for the rights and welfare of the local population, proper and safe working conditions.
  • Controls throughout the production process and certification of all links in the chain: from forestry or plantation, through paper production and wood processing to marketing.
  • Verified origin: wood is actually sourced from a sustainably managed forest or consists of recycled material. Recycled paper is guaranteed to be made from recycled materials.
Certification guarantees traceability from the final product to timber extraction. Certification guarantees traceability from the final product to timber extraction.
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