Decent and workable work in the whole chain

We owe our company's success to the efforts of our workers, manufacturers, suppliers and partners, every day. We do everything we can to ensure decent and workable work. Based on integrity, respect and trust.

What exactly we understand under health is explained in our definitions.

How does Colruyt Group guarantee correct working conditions?

1 Decent work at Colruyt Group

To provide our own workers with decent, workable and meaningful work, we ensure:

  • a healthy work-life balance
  • sustainable long-term careers
  • training and development opportunities
  • fair remuneration: more than just pay
  • a safe and healthy work environment: in physical, mental and social terms

We embrace diversity in all its facets: cultural background, gender, mother tongue, age, etc. Candidates are selected objectively and professionally. Everyone with the necessary competences, talents and ambitions, can grow. 

2 Correct working conditions in the chain

Decent and workable work is a minimum condition in every link of the chain. A player on the international market, we take responsibility for correct working conditions among the producers and suppliers we work with.

Suppliers of private label products are asked to sign the amfori BSCI code of conduct . This code of conduct lays down universal human rights principles. We monitor compliance with this code of conduct through certificates, social initiatives and social audits, and support our partners in improvement processes. 

Our objectives and initiatives