Do together

Daily commitment, respect for each other and cooperation. This is important to us at Colruyt Group. We stimulate initiatives and appreciate that everybody participates and thinks along, in all possible ways.

Small ideas, big results

At Colruyt Group, we believe that 1 + 1 is 3. This way the smallest of ideas have the biggest results, and that's something we're really proud of! 
An example? All our drivers sign the transport charter for safe traffic, which makes all of Belgium a bit safer right away. You have an interesting idea? We’ll give you the chance to make it a reality.


Work atmosphere

Nobody here is madam or sir, and you can always turn to your colleagues or manager to ask for advice. When you start working with us, you’re provided with briefings, team meetings and multidisciplinary workgroups. 

Karim, Service Manager Logistic Fresh Products

My team includes people from different backgrounds, so good intercultural communication is a must. In one culture, you have to look people in the eye, while in other cultures the same thing is absolutely not done. I open these issues to discussion.

Job responsibilities

Your job is your job. That's obvious. But did you know that your job responsibilities can look very different? A Dreamland employee is not just a salesperson, he or she also teaches children how to ride a bike, for example. As a buyer you don’t only spend time at the office, but also at the vegetable auction. An employee of our quality department also organises trial sessions for customers and colleagues. Some employees in our distribution centre provide guided tours to students. And there are many more examples. 

Tamara, team member, OKay Herent

I think it’s quite cool that you can share your own creativity. For example, I organised a trial afternoon a few weeks ago to shine an additional spotlight on our Asian products. And it worked ... you could see it from our stocks in the evening!



Continue growing. In your job, but also as a human being. That is our focus.

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Never stand still. Together we face the biggest challenges. 

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Discover how we #growtogether and #dreamtogether.

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