Inspiration fair puts IT jobs in the spotlight

Colruyt Group IT offers quite some growth opportunities. Like an inspiration fair, where employees presented their job to their colleagues. An interesting afternoon with much to be discovered!

Successful inspiration fair

A job tasting and network event in one? That was our IT inspiration fair: organised for and by IT colleagues. Almost 100 Colruyt Group IT staff set out on an exploration to discover what colleagues do within their market area and what kind of projects they are working on. With more than 10 jobs represented at the fair, it was the ideal opportunity to get an idea about other jobs. Even with little or no prior knowledge. The software engineers, for example, had prepared a ‘challenge’ which enabled employees with a different IT background to write code.

Colruyt Group IT employees attend the inspiration fair
Colruyt Group IT employee throws a ball of paper to a stack of coffee cups Olivier Foket at the application infrastructure lead engineer stand

Playful discovery

Field service engineer Olivier is already looking forward to a next edition of the inspiration fair: “It was a fascinating afternoon. At the fair we gained a better insight in the different position under Colruyt Group IT. We learned about other services and projects in a fun way. The event was well-organised and as far as I'm concerned, it can take place every year. A fun way to discover the career opportunities within the company.”

Olivier Foket, field service engineer
Very cool that this is organised within our company. You get an idea about the different departments and get to know other employees besides your immediate colleagues. It takes you out of your own IT bubble.

Opportunities for growth

Employees also got the opportunity to broaden their career development horizon. More specifically, they learned about the five career tracks that Colruyt Group IT envisions. In 1 to 1.5 years the tracks prepare you to grow from your current job towards a future job. You attend training and work in projects to develop specific skills. Interested in job rotation? Also outside the inspiration fair, IT staff get the chance to explore possible career moves, through job shadowing with colleagues, for example.

Colruyt Group IT staff discuss career opportunities