Solution analysts tijdens de Solution Analyst Battle van Colruyt Group IT

Battle between solution analysts

150 Colruyt Group IT solution analysts competed against each other in a battle. What was the goal? Challenge each other to give it their best. But also learn from colleagues from other departments. Want to know what happened? Find out in this video!

Enriching experience

The 'Solution Analyst Battle' was a great success. Eight creative analysts rolled up their sleeves to work out a battle for their colleagues. The 150 participants were divided into 30 teams and worked together with solution analysts outside their own department or 'service centre'. Colruyt Group IT has 30 of those, each with its own specialisation. The interaction between the service centres? Couldn't be better. All solution analysts learned from their colleagues during the battle.

Two solution analysts during the Solution Analyst Battle
Sara Meul, solution analyst
The best thing about our job is that we have a positive impact on the daily work of colleagues all over the company.

‘Escape room’ concept

The battle theme was 'escape room'. The teams had to 'escape' by means of knowledge and action questions and thus reach the finish line. There were even side quests which could gain you time for your own team or to thwart other teams. A bit of competition? It challenged our solution analysts to perform better. The battle took place in a pleasant atmosphere and the organisers received many enthusiastic reactions. Certainly worth repeating!