Saving points to support charities with Xtra

Our customers are able to save points by choosing products with Eco-score A or B at Colruyt, Okay, Bio-Planet, Spar and Collect&Go. The points are collected in the Xtra app and can be redeemed in units of 100 points to support charities that have a positive, tangible impact on the environment. Customers make an eco-conscious choice, while supporting an ecological project at the same time. This way, we do good for the environment twice, contributing to a more sustainable world together, step by step.

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Published on 27/07/2023

2 232 500 points well spent

2,232,500 points: that's how much our customers have saved all together so far. By making more sustainable choices, they help make a difference every day. They increase their impact by using their points to support environmental charities. This translates into the following interim results. 


Trees (number)

Bûûmplanters and GoodPlanet plant trees, shrubs or plants for more biodiversity and better air quality.

Status August 2023


Flower meadows (m²)

BeeOdiversity and GoodPlanet provide biodiversity by sowing flower meadows.

Status August 2023


Nature area (m²)

Nassonia creates and restores precious habitat with a positive impact on black storks and other animals.

Status August 2023


What environmental charities can customers support?

Our customers can choose which environmental project to redeem their points towards. If they prefer to learn more about sustainability instead, they can attend a workshop at Colruyt Group Academy.

Sowing a flower meadow

BeeOdiversity sows flower meadows, hedges, trees or small forests to create biodiversity in public spaces.

Boosting biodiversity

GoodPlanet creates smart biotopes for bees and other pollinators with their heart-shaped flower meadows.

Project_GoodPlanet_Tiny Forest_750x480.png
Planting a Tiny Forest

GoodPlanet plants small, dense forests in collaboration with local residents and schoolchildren.

Planting trees

Bûûmplanters supports organisations by giving expert advice to plant trees, plants and shrubs.

Project_Nassonia_zwarte ooievaar_750x480.png
Restoring habitats

Nassonia creates a better habitat for the protected black stork in the Ardennes.

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Wondering where our environmental charities are making a difference with your points? Check it out on the interactive map!

How can customers save and use their points?

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