Production renewable electricity

Colruyt Group invests heavily in renewable wind and solar energy. Green electricity production far exceeds our total electricity consumption. This allows us to avoid the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions and to contribute to the Green Deal's climate neutrality by 2050.

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Published on 08/03/2022

Production of green power on our own sites

Colruyt Group has many solar panels on stores and distribution centres under its own management. We continue to expand our capacity, for example with standard solar panels on every new Colruyt, OKay and Bio-Planet store. We adjust the number of panels to the power needs of the building, because it is more cost-effective to use locally produced energy on site.

Workers installing solar panels on the roof It is standard practice to install solar panels on every new Colruyt, OKay and Bio-Planet store

On sites with a very high energy demand, such as distribution centres, we also produce our own wind energy. Back in 1999 already, we built our first wind turbine at the Halle logistics site, the largest in Belgium at the time.


MWh produced solar power in 2020


MWh electricity production by Virya Energy on behalf of Colruyt Group in 2020

Participations in renewable energy

With over 60% of the shares, Colruyt Group is the main shareholder of Virya Energy, the energy holding company we founded at the end of 2019 together with Korys, the Colruyt family's investment company. Virya Energy is active in the development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy sources, with a focus on offshore and onshore wind energy. Our investments in Virya Energy make renewable energy accessible to various customers, including Colruyt Group itself.

Man working on a wind turbine Eoly Energy is specialised in wind turbines on the Belgian mainland

Virya Energy is 100% owner of several energy producers.

  • Belgian company Parkwind is active in offshore wind energy through participations in Belgian wind farms Belwind, Northwind, Nobelwind and Northwester 2. Parkwind has also invested in two German wind farms.
  • Eoly Energy produces wind energy on the Belgian mainland.
  • Eurowatt is active chiefly in onshore wind energy in France, but also in Poland and Portugal.
  • Sanchore is a wind farm in Karnataka (India).

Together with natural gas transmission network operator Fluxys, Virya Energy also develops a power-to-gas-plant called Hyoffwind in Zeebrugge. The plant will convert power from offshore wind farms into green hydrogen on an industrial scale.

Production far exceeds own consumption

A great deal of electricity is produced for Colruyt Group, partly with our own solar installations and largely via our 60% stake in the Virya Energy holding company. 

On average, the total power production on behalf of Colruyt Group is three times the amount of electricity that we consume as a group. In fact, this total power production is also double our total energy consumption (electricity plus all other forms of energy for heating, transport, etc. combined). 

Offshore wind turbines Most of our green power comes from offshore wind farms
295 %

Electricity production by Virya Energy on behalf of Colruyt Group, in relation to the Group's total power consumption in Belgium and Luxembourg in 2020.

Not a ‘Grey Day’, but a ‘Green Year’

Our investments in wind and solar energy mean we produce considerably more green power than we consume in total. If you look at it like this, our calendar does not have a so-called 'Grey Day', the symbolic day on which a country has used up its entire annual production of renewable energy. By way of comparison: in Belgium, Grey Day fell on 5 February in 2020, while at Colruyt Group it is Green Year all year round! 

Wind turbine next to distribution centre Colruyt Group produces far more power that it consumes
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