From cardboard waste to a new Boni fruit punnet

A winner for the environment: making new products from used materials which you can then sort. At Colruyt Group, we apply this to packaging. Follow the journey that our recycled cardboard takes, from shop waste to sustainable and beautifully finished punnets for our Boni Selection fruit and vegetables.

1. Sorting cardboard in the shop

It all starts by sorting properly at the source. Our shop staff are trained to separate the different waste streams. When they stack the shelves with products, they make sure they keep all the paper and cardboard packaging separate.

Shop staff separating cardboard
Our shop staff keep all the paper and cardboard apart.

2. Transport to the return centre

We get large carts ready to take the sorted cardboard waste to our return centres. Our drivers who deliver to the shops take these carts with them on their return journey. So we also take sustainable transport into account and avoid unnecessary kilometres.

Cardboard cart
The sorted cardboard is returned to the distribution centre stacked on carts.

3. Sorted again and compressed

A second sorting round takes place in the return centres to ensure that there are no other recyclable materials caught up in the cardboard. After this extra check, the cardboard waste is compressed into bales ready to be sent to the manufacturer of our fruit punnets.

Cardboard waste
After an extra check, we compress the cardboard into bales which are sent to the recycling company.

4. Making new fruit punnets

The manufacturer processes the recycled cardboard into new punnets for fresh fruit and vegetables. We can also print on the cardboard punnets. So as a consumer, you’ll find far more information on them than before.

Fruit punnets
The manufacturer makes new fruit and vegetable punnets from the cardboard.

5. Filling and packing the punnets

Employees in our own distribution centres fill the finished punnets with apples, pears, kiwi fruit, tomatoes and peppers from Boni Selection, Boni Selection Bio and Boni Selection Kids. You buy the packaged products in the shop and put the used punnet into your paper recycling again. The recycling loop is circular.

Apple punnets
You buy filled Boni Selection punnets, and put them into the paper recycling afterwards.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production