Zero-waste pork from Belgian soil available at Bio-Planet

Our efforts to reduce food waste are expanding. Bio-Planet recently started offering pork from a zero-waste breeding process. The organic supermarket brings its suppliers together to use their food waste in the best way possible, a unique way of sustainable entrepreneurship. The pigs are reared locally and are fed from organic fields. Their feed is supplemented with Bio-Planet's suppliers’ organic waste. The manure is used for growing vegetables. This means that we have a responsible organic product for our conscious consumers.

Pork from Zonnebeke

Now at Bio-Planet’s service-counter: port from Davy Bovyn in Zonnebeek. "I am constantly looking for ways to keep my ecological footprint as small as possible," says farmer Bovyn. "I also produce as many raw materials as possible myself." The pig feed is supplemented with a mixture of own organic grains and organic waste of bread, cheese and vegetable juices produced by Bio-Planet's suppliers. This circular project is part of Bio-Planet's strategy, as more and more consumers want to eat organic meat that has also been reared locally with respect for animal welfare.

Davy Bovyn’s pig feed
Davy Bovyn makes as many raw materials as possible himself, such as his pig feed.

Innovation and conscious consumerism

"The demand for local organic pork increases by 4% each year," says Jeroen Van Belleghem, head of the Bio-Planet service counter department. "We also want to create added value in terms of conscious consumerism. We want a sustainable process with respect for all those involved. As a pioneer in organic agricultural projects, we want to improve circular innovation as much as possible and minimise food waste by having short and transparent chains. Through our collaboration with Davy, we want to inspire others and continue to play a leading role ourselves."

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production