IT Repair team keeps hardware in tip-top condition

Properly maintaining hardware enables Colruyt Group to focus on cost-efficient operations, while at the same time reducing its ecological footprint. Our IT Repair team dedicates its daily work to maintaining and repairing devices in order to guarantee continuity. Discover our approach.

IT Repair team: what do they do?

Colruyt Group IT established the Repair team over 20 years ago. The current team comprises nine full-time technicians, divided into four sub-teams:

  • mobile devices
  • checkout devices
  • computers, laptops and servers
  • printers and access registration

Their main task? Repair Colruyt Group hardware and make sure that all devices stay in tip-top condition.

IT Repair-team technieker met microscroop
Ronny Ocula As team coordinator of the Repair team, Ronny Ocula is responsible for ensuring that devices do not have to be replaced as often.

Where cost efficiency and continuity go hand in hand

The members of the Repair team are intimately familiar with the devices and equipment used. As a result, maintenance work costs a lot less because all repairs are carried out in-house. And we guarantee continuity by giving equipment a longer life span. Ronny, team coordinator of the Repair team, explains, “The smartphone model that our colleagues in the shops use will soon no longer be available in the market. Instead of switching to a model that does not meet our needs, we put every effort into repairing the current smartphones, ranging from cracked screens to broken covers. This allows the shop staff to continue working with their usual devices and we do not have to make the switch until the right device becomes available.”

How the IT Repair team reduces our ecological footprint

“The Repair team does more than just repairs,” says departmental head Olivier. “We first determine whether a device needs to be replaced. If it has not yet lost its value, it can be used for a little while longer. But if we decide to replace equipment, we make every effort to make sure it does not end up in the trash bin. We recover parts or refurbish it to give it a new life. We then reuse or resell our IT equipment or we donate it to schools.”

Olivier Delbecque Olivier Delbecque is the departmental head of IT Service Logistics and coordinates the use and reuse of IT equipment.