Service-oriented IT organisation in full action

Mid 2019, Colruyt Group IT initiated its transformation into a service-oriented organisation. We now work more customer-oriented than before, and that is something we are quite proud of.

What is a service-oriented IT organisation?

As a service-oriented IT organisation, we have clearly mapped out the various IT services we can provide, each with clear agreements on the scope, speed, availability and security of the underlying IT systems.

What are the advantages for our partners?

  • It becomes easier to set priorities
  • More agility and opportunities for innovation
  • Dependencies on other services become clear
  • Easier to make realistic project assessments
  • The better we understand each other, the more efficient we can work together

A fine example of ICT incident management

One such IT service that we have made more customer-oriented is our ICT incident management system. “As an IT company, a lot of incidents are reported to us. In these cases, it is useful to distinguish between an urgent disruption of the IT system with a major impact on the organisation, an urgent functional question and a more informal request for information, for example,” says Kristof Haeck, service performance manager at Colruyt Group IT.

“Today, we can report on this in a better and more detailed way than before. Every malfunction and every question that reaches us, is linked to an IT system. This enables us to determine how many technical malfunctions occurred on a specific IT system and how often it concerned another type of incident, e.g. a functional question from an end user or a report of a lost device. Based on this data, our ICT system managers can enter into dialogue with partners and demonstrate whether or not we are delivering on our promises.”

Kristof Haeck, Colruyt Group IT Kristof Haeck: “Registering ICT incidents with the right level of detail, that's the trick.”
Kristof Haeck, service performance manager
Clear reporting is a lever for process optimisation.

“Thanks to our innovative ICT incident management tool, we are able to recognise patterns and share these insights with our partners. In this way, we can jointly look for targeted solutions to recurring ICT incidents. Clear reporting is a lever for process optimisation.”