Bartel vs Vinz: who will win the Eco Challenge?

The Eco-score helps you to make environmentally conscious choices when selecting products in our stores, and to adopt a (more) ecological lifestyle. How great is that? And you’re not just doing our planet a favour; you get to reap lots of benefits yourself as well … Because ecological cooking is simple, affordable, tasty and fun! But don’t take our word for it. Watch Flemish television personality Bartel Van Riet and former Brussels radio presenter Vinz take on the Eco Challenge.

Ecological cooking with Bartel and Vinz

Colruyt Lowest Prices, Bio-Planet, SPAR and OKay presented Bartel and Vinz with various ecological challenges. Who will take home the chef's hat? What is Bartel's signature vegetarian dish? And can Vinz even cook without cutting his fingers? Find out by watching the videos!

Colruyt Lowest Prices

Ecological cooking can be both yummy and cheap. Colruyt Lowest Prices asked Bartel and Vinz to prepare a quinoa Caprese as ecologically as possible, using tasty and budget-friendly ingredients. Who will end up wearing the Eco Chef's hat? Discover the answer – and the recipe – at


Vinz and Bartel pull out all the stops to prepare each other's favorite vegetarian dish. But whose recipe will prove the most eco-friendly? And will the two chefs pass each other's taste test? Watch the video and discover both recipes at


Stop the clock! Who said ecological cooking is time-consuming and difficult? Watch Bartel and Vinz race to prepare a tasty dish with ingredients that all have an excellent Eco-score. Go to to find out who won this part of the Eco Challenge – and steal our delicious cod burger recipe while you’re at it!


Waldorf risotto with a grain mustard sauce: SPAR serves Bartel and Vinz quite the culinary challenge. Who will prepare this dish using the most ecological ingredients? Check out the full video and recipe at!

So … are YOU ready to take on the Eco Challenge?

Feeling inspired by Vinz and Bartel’s culinary feats? You too can get eco cracking in the kitchen.

  • Step 1? Fill your shopping cart with as many A and B products as you can.
  • Step 2? Put on your chef’s hat and get cooking.
  • Step 3? Enjoy your tasty meal!  

Easy, right? Thanks to the Eco-score, making eco-conscious shopping choices – and doing your bit for the environment – is a breeze.

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