Eco-score: Vinz makes eco logical

Eco-Score: Vinz makes eco logical

The Eco-Score is a rating system that shows how sustainable a product is. Label A is top-notch; E not so much.

Is this product an eco-friendly choice?

The Eco-Score is calculated with the help of a carefully devised, scientific system. Firstly, there is the life cycle assessment, which maps a product’s environmental impact from farm to fork. Secondly, there is the bonus-malus system, where points are awarded or deducted depending on the manufacturer’s environmental efforts (or lack thereof). Let’s zoom in on the two systems ..

A life cycle assessment looks at a product's environmental impact during six phases, from its origin to its (correct!) disposal. Find out all about this assessment and how it affects the Eco-Score.

Bonus-malus examines five additional indicators, including production method and packaging. It allows investigators to place products, such as coffee, in certain categories. Read all about bonus-malus and how it affects the Eco-Score.

What is the Eco-Score of potato chips? And what about tomato sauce? And how does mayonnaise manage to get a C label? Learn all about it.

Are you an expert in all things ecology, or have you watched our video series with Vinz Kanté? Then getting the maximum score on our Eco Quiz will be a breeze for you.