Eco-twist: eco-friendly choices thanks to the Eco-score

The Eco-score helps you make eco-friendly choices in our stores. Gradually easing into a more ecological life and diet is made a lot simpler. And that's good news for the planet ... and for you.

Do the Eco-twist

The Eco-twist is about preparing your favourite food more ecologically thanks to a few small adjustments. And you can do this by looking at the Eco-score. If you choose products with Eco-score A and B, your impact on the environment will be less. And you don't even have to make huge changes to your recipes. Do you give your dishes an Eco-twist too by buying ingredients with a lower environmental footprint?

This is where you find the Eco-score

Do you want to give your dishes an Eco-twist? Great! Then check the Eco-score of the products you put in your shopping basket. You can find the Eco-score:

  • by scanning the barcode with the Xtra-app
  • on the packaging of most of our private labels
  • online on Collect&Go

Let's twist again

Give your dishes an Eco-twist and choose tofu or chicken, products with a lower environmental footprint. Both Colruyt Lowest Prices, OKay, Bio-Planet and Spar have an extensive assortment of products with Eco-score A and B. We provide inspiration!

Vol-au-vent with a twist

Oyster mushrooms and tofu: these are the ecological newcomers in your familiar vol-au-vent recipe. In terms of taste this vegetarian variant packs quite a punch. Try the recipe and do the test! 😉

Scotch eggs with a twist

A crispy layer on the outside and a delicious egg on the inside: vegetarian scotch eggs are a real treat. And the creamy mash finishes it. Bon appetit!

Do the Eco-twist with dairy

There's also a big selection of ecological dairy alternatives. Found a Bio-label? Chances are that the product has Eco-score A or B. Or choose a plant-based alternative in your sauce or coffee, for example based on soy or oats.

Apple cake twist

A couple of small adjustments absolutely make the difference. Just try this apple cake with an Eco-twist. Bon appetit!

Fruit and veg Eco-twist

Our tip for fresh fruit and veg is very simple: buy them in season. Fancy something else? Then try the preserved variety in a jar, tin or deep frozen. Preserved or frozen fruit and veg were harvested and processed in season. 

Looking for delicious recipes with preserved fruit and veg? How about vegetable balls with tomato sauce based on tomato purée with Eco-score A?

Meatballs in tomato sauce with an Eco-twist

Classic ‘Meatballs in tomato sauce’ are also easily given an ecological twist. Try vegetable balls and tomato purée with Eco-score A. Delicious ... and eco-friendlier!

The Eco-score summarises the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of a product. In addition, extra plus or minus points can be awarded.