Innovation is everywhere, even in a breading tray

Efficiency: it's everywhere at Colruyt Group. Sometimes very visibly, think of our electronic price labels for example, but also in places where you might not expect it. Such as the butcher's department in our Colruyt branch stores.

Room for improvement

Take breading the meat for example. To make this process go more smoothly and efficiently, our butchers turned to project manager Corneel Claes. The design of the tray in which the meat is breaded needed some improvement, and so Corneel involved Dieter Schotte in the project. As a product designer, Dieter turns the team's wishes into a functional design.

Taggy Van Autreve was also involved from the start. As a buyer, he sought and found a supplier who could produce Dieter's design. Because the ideal tray in the team's mind wasn't available ready-made on the market.

From prototype to product

The design of the new breading tray went through a number of steps. From a computer model, Dieter went to a first prototype in cardboard to a 3D-printed prototype. In each step, all parties were involved, from butcher to supplier. This allowed them to check whether each design indeed functioned better and whether the manufacturer was able to produce it.

Innovation: a matter of working together

The improvement of the breading tray is a nice example of how we work together at Colruyt Group. Each department has its expertise, and the combination of all this expertise and knowledge yields nice results. Corneel, Dieter, Taggy and our butchers each contributed in their own way to the success of this project.