Smart collaboration with Smart Glasses

Asking a colleague to come look at a problem together: our technicians do it all the time. However, it's not always easy to work on a machine with two people simultaneously and close together. Perhaps smart glasses are the solution!

Help from a distance

We are currently examining how technicians can also use their knowledge and expertise from a distance by using 'smart glasses'. The person who wears the glasses sends live audio and video to their colleague, who is able to follow everything perfectly. This allows him to give specific tips and instructions based on what he sees and hears.

Björn Deschinckel is team manager of the technical team on our meat processing site Fine Food Meat. He tested the glasses with his colleagues. "A very successful test, as far as we are concerned. The integration went very quickly and easily", Björn says.

Less travel

Even during the short test period, the glasses already proved to be an added value. "Our technicians are able to ask targeted questions to colleagues and engineers, without them having to be physically together around the machine. This saves us a lot of travel on the site, and thus a great time-saving."

Björn's team will now pass on the glasses to 2 other teams in our technical department. After our electricians and regional technicians finish working with them, we will see whether and how we can use the glasses in our organisation.

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