Traineeship Engineering Talent, highly recommended!

A year of getting acquainted with engineering at Colruyt Group, how does that work? We have asked the trainees who are currently in the middle of it.

First experience

Our trainees come straight from school. Jasper Vulsteke: "After my studies, I was not sure what I wanted to do exactly. A traineeship seemed perfect to me: you discover a variety of positions from which you can choose at the end." Céline Bevers and Tuur Muylaert also opted consciously for starting their careers with a traineeship. Tuur: "I had already done a traineeship within the Machines department and therefore already knew the company a little. This traineeship is a nice opportunity to discover other parts of Technics as well."

Support and responsibility

After a store traineeship, the real work started in November. Céline: "Because of that store traineeship, the separation between the store co-workers and the office co-workers vanishes. The relation between engineers and technicians is also good: everyone works together on the same challenges." Jasper: "Indeed, there is a good interaction. The technicians are working on the installations every day and can give us handy tips and recommendations."

Moreover, you also get a lot of responsibility. Céline: "I was immediately assigned my own project in the Electricity department. I did not expect that, but it does give me a lot of confidence." Of course, you will never be on your own. Tuur: "You can always count on the assistance of colleagues. So in terms of support, it's definitely good here!"

Lots of possibilities

Personal development is high up on the agenda at Colruyt Group, something our trainees also notice. Jasper: "It is reassuring that there is such a diversity in positions within Technics. It makes it easy to move to a different role when something is not really your thing." Céline: "You can see how people really use those possibilities. There are plenty of examples of colleagues who have already seriously moved within the group."

Packed with technology

Céline: "A great advantage of this traineeship in comparison to others is the emphasis on engineering. Often, traineeships have a very broad scope and you will also end up in departments such as marketing and sales. At Colruyt Group, the focus is really on the engineering work. Very interesting!" Jasper is also pleasantly surprised: "There is more to it than just desk work. I did not expect that, but the 'field work' that comes with it is very instructive."

So, is an engineering traineeship at Colruyt Group well worth it? If you ask the 2021-22 group, the answer is a resounding yes! Tuur: "I have already recommended it to someone. It is the perfect way to get acquainted with different engineering positions. Afterwards, you can make an informed choice about what you actually want to do."

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