Colruyt Group Technics & Engineering

A look behind the scenes of our technical service

At Colruyt Group Technics, we work on interesting projects every day. Curious to know what is going on behind the scenes? Our technicians and engineers are happy to tell you all about it in these interviews and testimonials. 

How do you build a charging plaza? Refresher courses for technology instructors A year of discovery at Technics Colruyt Group Technics, one of Belgium’s biggest refrigeration companies Technics tests water purification with plants! How is Colruyt Group Technics working towards an emission-free future? World Water Day: Every drop counts! Circular, from design to demolition One of the largest crate washing installations in Europe Water roofs lower pressure on sewer system From waste land to wonderful experience garden thanks to Technics Colruyt Group Technics goes for more sustainable concrete Technicians go on a virtual shop visit Colruyt Group tests self-driving vehicle Solid renovation delivers beautiful office Cooling installation Colruyt Group Technics helps students UCLL Efficiency first in our new distribution centre A new cold chain for Collect&Go Working together on sustainable water (re)use: that's our thing! How do you build a smart store that is open 24/7? From ceiling to wall: reuse is everywhere! Purifying water at a small scale is a big challenge! Working more sustainably thanks to life cycle thinking Climate-friendly refrigeration at Colruyt Group Reuse: the new normal Colruyt Group Technics vs heat waves Smarter and greener maintenance through reuse How does Colruyt Group Technics maintain its machinery? How does Colruyt Group Technics tackle flooding? Digital building We innovate with smart distribution centres Sustainable water use: every drop counts! Dismantling and rebuilding while keeping the washing process going Water treatment reduces city water consumption We use AI for leak detection

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