Illegally cut wood? Not at any price!

Our goal: that all our own brand wooden items are made from sustainable wood. Since 2017, only sustainable wood has been used for many of our own brand items. But in practice, it’s not easy to understand exactly what this means. Certified wood, waste wood, sustainability labels… We’ll guide you through a forest of wood rules.

Wood with a certificate

If you buy an own brand wooden bicycle shed, wine rack or dolls’ house from Collishop, Colruyt, Dreambaby or Dreamland, your purchase is made from wood with an FSC or PEFC label. That label guarantees that your new purchase was made from recycled materials, or that the wood came from a sustainably managed forest.

If possible, we always choose certified wood. We do that for all items which are at least 60% hardwood and are produced or imported directly as our own brands.

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Other sustainable wood

As well as FSC and PEFC-certified wood, we also use rubberwood, twigs, branches and driftwood in our own brand items. These kinds of wood are also ‘sustainable’ even if they don't carry any specific label. Rubberwood comes from old rubber trees which no longer produce latex and are therefore cut down to make way for new trees. Twigs, branches and driftwood are also sustainable because no trees were cut down.

Twigs sustainable wood
We also consider twigs as sustainable wood because no trees have to be cut down.

Since 2015, a whole lot of wood products have been 100% sustainable. For example, our own brand toys at Dreamland, indoor furniture and virtually all the garden furniture at Collishop. In mid-2017, 90% of our wooden items were either certified or made from rubberwood, twigs, branches or driftwood. In the long term, we want all our wooden items to be sustainable. For some categories this isn’t currently possible, but we’re keeping our finger on the pulse.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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