The Eco-score. Eco-friendly choices made easier.

More and more consumers are concerned about the ecological footprint of their food consumption. The Eco-score makes it a lot easier for you to make environmental choices.

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Updated on 28/07/2023

What is the Eco-score?

The Eco-score is – like the Nutri-Score – a guide to choosing food products. With letter and colour codes from A (green, low impact) to E (red, high impact), it summarises the ecological impact throughout the life cycle of a product. It also takes into account extra efforts for our planet, such as the use of recyclable packaging.

Why an ecological label?

Food has a significant impact on the environment. By summarising this in one symbol, you can immediately see which products are advisable and which you should better limit in order to keep your ecological impact as low as possible. This makes it easier for you to make a conscious choice, and to significantly reduce the pressure on the environment.

Where can you find the Eco-score?

You can find the Eco-score of many private label food products of Boni, Boni Bio, Spar, Graindor and Colruyt Lowest Prices on the price label at Colruyt and Bio-Planet. In our other stores, you can easily discover the Eco-score in the Xtra app. Scan the bar code of your product by means of the 'Productinfo' option. The score can also be found in the MyColruyt and SmartWithFood app, on the Bio-Planet and Colruyt websites and on a lot of packaging.

How do we calculate the Eco-score?

First we analyse the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. This results in a score out of 100, to which we assign plus and/or minus points via the bonus-malus system, based on extra indicators such as origin and packaging. Finally, we translate this final score into an Eco-score from A to E.

Partnership with Danone

Danone is the first brand manufacturer to enter into a partnership with Colruyt Group on the Eco-score to inform customers about the environmental impact of their food choices.
From now on, consumers can find the Eco-score of 260 Danone and Alpro products on the Danone and Colruyt Group websites, in the Xtra app and on Colruyt’s store shelves, where the Eco-score will be displayed on the electronic price label and on posters.

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