Eoly Cooperative

Through the Eoly Cooperative, Colruyt Group is opening up their future wind turbine project for participation. Each member-owner will become part shareholder in the cooperative's wind turbines and will reap the benefits of any revenue.

Investing in sustainable energy together

Eoly Cooperative is a national cooperative, which means that all member-owners are automatically part shareholders in all turbines, no matter their location. In developing these wind projects, Eoly Cooperative works together with Eoly, Colruyt Group's green energy producer and supplier. Eoly will be responsible for the entire licensing procedure. Once a wind park is operational, Eoly Cooperative invests in its own wind turbine.

Eoly Cooperative was recognised by the National Council for Cooperatives on April 1, 2016. The NCC recognises cooperative companies that respect the fundamental values and principles of cooperative entrepreneurship. In essence, this recognition is a quality label.



How does Eoly Cooperative work?


Eoly Cooperative's first capital raising was an immediate success.

In February 2017, Eoly Cooperative launched a capital raising for its first wind turbine in the Dassenveld wind park in Halle. In less than six weeks, they raised four million euros, thanks to the investments of 1,198 member-owners. Forty percent of that amount – 1.6 million euros – was raised locally. Eoly Cooperative's member-owners are helping to make the energy market more sustainable and are contributing to the fight against climate change.

Climate change is a challenge we want to face together with society


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