Culino, the house brand of Solucious, consists of a great range of food service products, exclusively tailored toward the professional chef who wants to make life in the kitchen easier. Together with a team of kitchen experts we developed a varied range of quality products. We can guarantee that Culino meets all the expectations a professional chef could have.

Culino means quality 

With Culino, you get quality for your kitchen. It is a well-thought out range of quality products. Each and every one of them meets the expectations of a professional when it comes to flavour and convenience. Professional chefs trust us because we offer consistent quality in the entire range.


With Culino, convenience is more than just smart packaging. The information that chefs need also has to be readily available. Allergens, nutritional value, article numbers, or other necessary information? Everything can be easily found thanks to the clear pictograms and the information on the packaging, provided consistently in several languages. This means you always know what the products’ ingredients are and how to best use the Culino products. This saves you time, effort, and money.


Sustainability in the kitchen is increasingly important. Because of that, Solucious wants Culino to be a pioneer in the field. All current and future Culino products meet the strict specifications set by Colruyt Group, which is committed to a better environment on a European level as well. While selecting the products, we specifically focus on animal welfare, people, the environment, and the source of the products.

You can count on Culino for every meal for affordable, sustainable quality products.


Professional chefs are expected to provide variation, innovation, and originality, all the while staying within a strict budget. We provide support by way of stories and recipes because we are passionate about the product, ensuring that the chefs can continue to fascinate and surprise their guests.


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