Our sustainable initiatives

Within our sustainability strategy we formulate many ambitious long-term goals. To achieve them, more than 150 specific projects are organised: our sustainability initiatives.

Our plan for fewer CO₂ emissions Morrocan Medjoul dates Investing in green energy Organic honey from Brazil More sustainable cashew nuts from Benin Zero emission transport for goods How we counter food loss More Belgian fruit and vegetables Responsible soy cultivation in Belgium and abroad Sustainable wild-caught and farmed fish Sustainable coffee and tea Smart and sustainable freight transport Sustainable mobility for workers Colruyt Group's new welfare chicken: better well-being for broiler chickens Circular building 12 million trees for clean air Continuous learning and development Our energy reduction plan Responsible use of antibiotics in animals International chain projects Dinner is served at 1-2-3 euros Belgian fair trade chocolate Towards minimum waste flows and maximum recycling Sea farm for Belgian mussels More sustainable cotton Animal- and environmentally-friendly eggs Production renewable electricity Pioneering with vertical farming More sustainable palm oil Better nutritional values for a more balanced eating pattern 100% certified wood and paper Stunned slaughter and audits at slaughterhouses Rabbits from animal-friendly park systems Social audits for better working conditions Courteous and safe freight transport Direct collaboration with Belgian farmers Sustainable cooling of products Green mobility, also for our customers Responsible pork production Animal welfare in cattle How do we promote biodiversity? Sustainable charcoal with FSC label and sustainable briquettes from residual flows More low-energy stores, less fossil fuels Reuse of waste and rainwater What with food surpluses in our stores? Sustainable packaging